Projekt Beschreibung

Modric Cave is located in Rovanjska (by Maslenica bridge) and is 836m long and has many beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, columns what the human immagination creates as the different forms of the organ, cuttlefish and characters from fairy tales. The cave is a protected natural phenomena and it is not for a mass tourism. A visit is done in small groups on a new and natural eco-approach that allows the full experience of this beautiful cave. Price per person : 250 kn (ca. 35 €) Additional transfer: 800,-kn for max 8 persons (ca. 110 €) Excursion includes: guide, equipment (helm, suite) Duration: half day excursion from 08:30-13:00 Season: all year long Note/ Tip: – Suitable for the whole family except small children and older people – Obligatory sports shoes and chlothing – No discount for children