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Excursions “a la carte”

Excursions “a la carte” Explore Zadar region on your own way We drive you by the air-conditioned car with a driver and a guide. Routes can be freely selected depending on your preferences and interests. Whatever and wherever you go, this trip is relaxed and flexible and we are happy to assist you in […]

Speleo Adventure Modric (duration aprox. 5 hours)

Modric Cave is located in Rovanjska (by Maslenica bridge) and is 836m long and has many beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, columns what the human immagination creates as the different forms of the organ, cuttlefish and characters from fairy tales. The cave is a protected natural phenomena and it is not for a mass tourism. […]

Jeep Safari in the mountain Velebit (duration aprox. 8 hours)

Jeep Safari in the mountain Velebit (duration aprox. 8 hours) […]

Canoe Adventure or Rafting (duration aprox. 8 hours)

Zrmanja and Krupa belong to the group of Europe’s most beautiful rivers: the perfectly clear water, the majestic canyon, magical waterfalls. They are lightweight and safe for beginner canoeists but natural environment makes them very exciting. Price per person ( from Borik/Zadar ( point of departure, nearly our Villa)): 370 kn (ca. 51 €) […]