The Zadarcard

We are proud to be a partner of Zadarcard, so you can get the original Zadarcard in our Villa Punta – apartments in Zadar Croatia

With this Zadarcard you are able to generate a variety of discounts and other benefits on products and services. One card is valid for two adults and two minors in the period indicated on the card and there are no restrictions in its use.

There are annual card, weeks, three days and daily card. Annual card valid for the entire calendar year, weeks card is valid seven days, three days three days, until the day the card is valid for one day.

User of this Zadarcard can use these benefits, rights and other benefits and more times in the same legal or natural persons of the same or any other service or product during the time period specified on the card.

With the card gives you the opportunity to get an entirely new way to explore all the little sweet secrets and specialties of the area where you are staying as a guest. We believe that you will find something for yourself and your loved ones with this card.

Zadar Card – The info Tourist Club Card

1 day

  • Now obtainable at our Villa Punta!

3 days

  • Now obtainable at our Villa Punta!

7 days

  • Now obtainable at our Villa Punta!

Annual card

  • valid for one year

How does the Zadar Card work?

In our online catalog, which is ready for download you will find all the currently best deals in Zadar and the surrounding area.

In the collection of offers of our partners, you’ll find something for every taste.
Is it a trip or excursion, restaurants, shopping places, massage and beauty treatments, specialty shops, or activities such as Adventure park or theater, car and boat rental, here is all there.

See it for yourself! Also located next to each offer the address, phone number and a QR code with the company website so you can find the provider in comfortable, make an appointment, or book a table.

Please tell the seller when you order, or before the payment that you have the Zadarcard and keep your Zadarcard with valid date and signature ready. (You should be able to prove your identity at any time, ID-Card or Passport)

For whom the Zadarcard is useful for?

  • For all who want a little MORE of the holiday but do not want to pay the normal prices for it.
  • For families with children
  • For Couples
  • For those who are traveling alone
  • For gourmets and lovers of local specialties
  • For active holidaymakers who like to see the country and the people they are travelling to
  • For gourmets who like to indulge themself in holiday ….

Where you get the Zadarcard?

Exclusive to us locally in Punta Villa in Zadar or to order via our contact address.