Zadar – Ryanair Basis

Information collected by Villa Punta – apartments in Zadar Croatia
ryanair-von-youtube1Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair has chosen Zadar for his 54th base in the world and the first in Croatia. Michael Cawley, Deputy CEO of Ryanair, brought this important message. – The choice for Zadar basis of our aircraft was not accidental but the result of good cooperation. The opening times of the base mean an investment of 70 million dollars for Zadar airport because they will always be there, based aircraft we establish 16 goals, seven of which are new (Dublin, East Midlands, Gothenburg, Haugesund, Liverpool, Paris and Wroclaw) his will. – Our plan, the number of flights increase by 64 percent, and we expect that next year, in Zadar over 300 thousand passengers can be handled. And in the near future we will plan all year round flights from Zadar, not only from April to end of October, Cawley said. Ryanair believes that the benefits of increasing the number of flights and the opening of a base in Zadar will have many other benefits. In fact, if it is known that there are 30 crew members of the airline are seven months permanently in Zadar, it is clear that other parties have significant advantages. In 2014, Zadar Rayanairovi aircraft with the airports in London, Paris, Marseille, Dublin, Liverpool, East Middlands, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe / Baden, Billund, Stockholm, Oslo, Haugesund, Goethe Borg and Wroclaw will be connected. Source: