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Diving Center Zadar Sub
Dubrovačka 20a
23000 Zadar

Phone +385 (0) 23 214 848
Mobile +385 (0) 98 330 472
Mobile +385 (0) 99 5300 478
Fax +385 (0) 23 224 060
Web: www.zadarsub.hr

In the area around Zadar, there are the most islands in Dalmatia and accordingly you will find many fantastic opportunities for diving.
A diving destination that is well protected from winds and high waves, and to which one can perform safe dives? There are several options:
The up to 200 islands and islets in the area around Zadar are known for their unique and varied interesting formations and the flora and fauna which is still very original and formations is home to many different animal and plant species. There are countless reefs, cliffs and caves, some of which are inhabited by larger fish.

The outer Kornati islands along, are also known as habitat of animals and plants and even north to the island of Dugi Otok addition. This offers a variety of large and small underwater walls, crevices and underwater caves. With a unique view into the crystal clear deep blue Adriatic water you get impressions remain long in the memory.

Also, the Nature Park Telascica, offers a fantastic underwater world every diver will impress. For the two nature parks Telascica and Kornati you need a particular special permit.
One should also diving with experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in these areas, know the best places and are familiar with the site conditions.
There is, for example, again and again before that divers exceed the 20-meter limit, because they underestimate the depth of water because of the good view, underestimated in the crystal clear water.