The area of zadar

Information collected for you, from Villa Punta – apartments in Zadar Croatia
Zadar is an ideal location for touring, off the coast are hundreds of islands with small fishing settlements. Beautiful landscapes and nature reserves such as the Plitvice lakes, Krka, Kornati or just to be „back to nature“. Predominant trees on the coast are cypresses, firs, pines, fig and olive trees that contribute to the Mediterranean flair. In the gardens, wine, vegetables and fruits grow in abundance. Inland, it is more barren and you can only see small trees and bushes (Machia). Livestock in the region are goats, sheep, donkeys, cattle and sheep. In the mountains you can see hares, wild mountain goats, Muflons, foxes and wolves discover througout remote areas.


Healthy climate in the region in and around Zadar

By the sea there is a special climate. Experts call it: the bracing climate. It consists among other things of the factors wind, UV radiation, salt, temperature and humidity.

Recommended are long walks by the sea. By Movement increases the metabolic rate, thereby generating heat. After a certain acclimatization period the body adapts quickly to the climate.

Hold on to the sea, about taking a walk by the sea, then you can inhale the aerosol maritime close. „It contains salt water droplets which accumulate depending on the size in the nasopharynx or penetrate into the pulmonary alveoli,“ explain allergist, environmental practitioners and specialists for physical and rehabilitative medicine. The salt content in the air is highest when you (evt. Also surf zone) directly near the sea are. „15 meters further away to be only half as high salt concentration“. Staying at our villa is therefore ideally suited as it is located directly on the beach promenade and you have yourself the balconies of the apartments with a direct sea view and a lightly sea breeze.
The salt mixture is an irritant factor, through which mucus triggers the airways and makes you get deeper air. Do you have asthma, chronic bronchitis or sinusitis, the sea air can relieve the discomfort. Allergic benefits that the air at the sea is poor in pollens and pollutants – a gentler effect.

The salt is also reflected on the skin. Up to two grams can accumulate there for a beach walk. The salt coating dissolves dandruff and has a slightly anti-inflammatory. At the same time the sunlight affects certain processes in the skin. The UV radiation promotes inter alia the release of endogenous cortisol, which restrains inflammation. In addition, vitamin D is formed in the skin, which interacts with the immune system. „By these effects, the symptoms of psoriasis or neurodermatitis can improve,“ says Professor Carsten Stick, director of the Institute for Medical Climatology at the University of Kiel.

The movement in the maritime climate has a positive effect on the organism and contributes significantly to the recovery. To benefit from the bracing climate, you should plan an extended vacation or more short breaks at regular intervals by the sea. „Then respiratory problems and skin diseases for several months can continuously improve,“ encourage experts. Which season is the best, depends on various factors (see article – the ideal travel time). Most pleasant are the warm but not too warm months from April to June and from September to November in the area of ​​Zadar.



The ideal time for your journey

As the city of Zadar is located on the Adriatic coast, it has a Mediterranean climate, hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters. A sun-drenched region showing a lush vegetation and fertility. Due to its sheltered position (Zadar is surrounded by many small islands – among other things of 5 national parks), the climate is very mild.

For nature lovers and culture lovers (Look also in our package offerings) of April – June, the ideal travel time, there is a pleasant climate and the midday temperatures at about 25 degrees, and the city is not as crowded as in the peak season. The season starts from July to September with temperatures of up to about 30 degrees and very mild summer nights, also falls usually almost no rain. For walkers and cyclists (Look also in our package offers), autumn is the best time, only around November cools the sea, because the Adriatic Sea in this area is not particularly deep ..